Depression is one issue, IBS is something completely different

The fictional words of Yoda ring in my eye “shit yourself you will”

Another appointment with the good people at Seetec today, an appointment that takes me over an hour to get there, involving sitting on 2 buses at least. Usually though I don’t bother getting the second bus that takes me there and walk about 2 miles instead.

There are two reasons for this

1. It saves me precious money on bus fare

2. I can guarantee I will need to use the public toilets that are only 5 minutes away from where the first bus takes me.

I hate using public toilets though, having to sit on a dirty seat, never enough toilet paper or toilet paper that is either like a wire brush or tracing paper!

The alternative is much worse though, and having struggled with IBS on days like today especially, I can personally verify that dirty public toilets is far more comfortable than an accident.

Accidents I can handle in the comfort of home, when I am at an appointment its entirely different.

The worst part of it all is that I know I am worrying for nothing. Despite the horrible person I dealt with last time who made me feel like rubbish the people at Seetec are actually pretty nice. I am seeing the ESA specialist today, we spoke on the phone a few weeks ago and he seemed really nice. He did a good job of putting me at ease, but still today is one I have been dreading all week, and anxious moose equals cant leave the flat because of IBS.

So think of me today, unable to eat anything all day until I get home about 5pm, wondering the streets with a spare set of underwear in a bag just in case.

Depression I can deal with, I know how to cope with the bad days, the bad feelings can change back to good in a matter of hours.

IBS is much harder to control. Stressing me out, making me so conscious of the fact that I am like a gun waiting to go off.

Still 3 hours until I have to leave, I have only been awake less than an hour and already spent more time on the toilet than sitting at my PC.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it!


12 comments on “Depression is one issue, IBS is something completely different

  1. I feel your pain and totally identify with this post. I have IBS due to laxative abuse in my teens, which is particular bad when I am anxious. Thankfully I have never had an ‘accident’ but I have had several incidents where I have had to pull the car over and stop at the side of the road (hence why I now have several rolls of loo paper in my car wherever I go!).
    I always find that when I am nervous or anxious it is looser (normally a lot looser) which is really awful to have to deal with. I have also gone down the route of not eating on days where I know I will be nervous as it definately eases the symptoms (none in – none to come out!!!).
    Anyway, I just wanted to say I totally know how you feel and really feel for you xxxx


  2. hope your day went well. i can totally sympathize. i don’t have IBS, but i do have a dodgy gallbladder and the symptoms are similar. i start back to school in two weeks and i don’t know what i’m going to do… except not eat until i arrive home after classes. i know that’s going to be a problem because i have such a long commute (2 hours each way)… and a very rigorous class schedule. anyhow, was thinking of you today and let us know how it went, c.


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