A Welcome Visit, Unexpected but Needed

After the lows of yesterday I slept like a baby last night, by that I mean I kept waking up wanting a bottle and shit myself twice.

Alright the last part is not strictly true, but I had the best nights sleep I have had for a long time.

I took Patch for a walk last night around 10pm. While walking across the field outside the flats I kept hearing a strange noise, having this strange feeling like I was being watched. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling though it was almost like something was protecting me, trying to get my attention.

Around 3am I drifted off to sleep, a deep sleep. Despite the flat being hotter than Mila Kunis last night I was out of the count and suddenly I found myself in an unusual place, somewhere I have not set foot in for over a year.

I was sat in my Uncle Ron’s flat, he was in the kitchen making me a cup of tea. It wasn’t the Ron who I last saw on his deathbed. It was the Ron from years before laughing, joking and full of energy, listening to the horse racing on the radio.

There was a knock of his door and as I opened it I was shocked to see my Uncle Eric standing there. Eric passed away in 2000.

My uncles sat me down and spoke to me. There told me to let things happen, that I am too concerned with the now. They promised me things will improve if I allow them too and more importantly they told me how proud of me they were.

I needed this dream last night, I have always believed that my Uncles are protecting me from above.

Today I feel a million miles apart from the man of yesterday. A good nights sleep has helped but not as much as the visit from my Uncles.

It is going to be a good day today



9 comments on “A Welcome Visit, Unexpected but Needed

  1. I often dream of my Mum. My sister never does and she also sees it as a good thing and that my Mum and your Uncles are watching you from above. It’s always nice to dream of them. Kat 🙂


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