Moose Award Time

I haven’t done this for a while now but I am pleased to announce the Moose Seal of Approval Award has been dusted off and is ready for a new ceremony.

Moose Seal of Approval

Moose Seal of Approval

I just love the awards on wordpress, especially giving them out to people whose blog inspires me. They are after all a bit of fun but good for recognising a job well done!

I have 1 nominee today, I have only recently connected with this person as their blog is brand new but really enjoy reading it! A fellow sufferer of depression who writes from the heart and I really relate to his words.

The rules for accepting the award

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Link back to this page on your acceptance post

3. Reveal 10 interesting things about yourself

The award goes to MaddsuspicionsΒ who I hope will accept it with pride! You’re doing a great job Madd and this is my way of showing you some recognition. Keep up the good work!


8 comments on “Moose Award Time

  1. Reblogged this on MADD Suspicions and commented:
    I won an award! Oh my word!
    Many thanks to The Depressed Moose blog for this award for my humble little blog. I am not usually very good at accepting praise, or criticism for that matter, but I shall accept with pride, and hope reblogging this links back to the original post.
    Now, apparently I have to think of 10 things about myself, ok, here goes.
    1 – I pick my toenails, preferably in the bath, they are much easier to pick in the bath.
    2 – I wear glasses
    3 – I have short black (with some grey appearing) hair
    4 – I have a Scottish grandmother, a Cornish grandfather, and 2 Lancastrian grandparents.
    5 – I cook based on what plates/dishes and cutlery are available and don’t need washing as well as the food I have in.
    6 – I often use the smoke alarm to time my sausages when they are cooking.
    7 – I am currently doing my washing in the bath as I haven’t got a washing machine at the moment.
    8 – Neither do I have any curtains at the moment, but am fine with that as I am not overlooked in my 1st floor flat
    9 – I can happily go to bed at 6 or 7 in the evening, and wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning.
    10 – My favourite tv programme is Doctor Who

    I hope that’s everything, and thanks once again to the Depressed Moose!


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