Getting out of the Kitchen

Because I cannot stand the heat!

Yeah! summer has arrived, the sun is shining today the temperature outside is expected to reach 32c.

I say outside because the temperature indoors is practically double that!

When you’re sitting in your flat with the windows open and your industrial fan blasting away at you, AND still dripping sweat like you’re in the shower, then you know it’s going to be a scorcher!

My number 1 fan


The summer does not a happy moose make!

Here are my reasons for abolishing the summer, especially when it is this hot and humid.

  1. My flat is on the top floor of the block, we have a flat concrete roof which absorbs the heat, and we get the sun first thing in the morning. This all equates to the flat being as hot as sauna from dawn till dusk!
  2. I sweat, and I sweat a lot. Even as I am writing this at 9.50am the beads of sweat are running down my face, thankfully my mascara is not running!
  3. I can’t sleep in this heat! I struggle anyways and this doesn’t help. 4 hours sleep is all I am managing at the moment and the heat is so bad I can’t even have my afternoon nap which I rely on!
  4. I am short-tempered because of number 3! yes it is true I can really be a miserable bugger especially when tired and hot!
  5. The hideous woman who loves herself downstairs thinks it is OK for her to be wandering around in her bra! yeah maybe it was, 20 years ago love but now your nipples are dragging along the floor! ( that was harsh but I am hot and bothered and I don’t like, or understand, the fact that she loves herself.
  6. Bats! yes you heard me bats. When we first moved into this place Brandon was 4, we left the window open in his bedroom overnight because it was so hot. When he woke up the next morning there was a bat asleep on his nightlight! so we cannot have the windows open when it gets dark because of flying things that like to annoy us! Moths that includes you as well!
  7. I cannot sleep, yes I know its been said but it is very important! Sleep problems and depression are not a good mixture. The longer you lay there trying to sleep the more time you waste thinking. Thinking is not clever especially as you think about bad things because you are so damn tired!
  8. I have run out of ice lollies and ice cubes and it is too hot to walk to the shop and restock my supplies!
  9. It is too hot to cook anything and I am a hungry moose!
  10. Did I mention I cannot sleep in this heat!

When you have to step out of your home and go out into the sun to COOL DOWN you know something is amiss!

So fine, you enjoy this heat and the scantily clad women in their mini skirts and tiny tops, me I am going to the frozen aisle of the local supermarket and sitting in the freezers until security move me on!

And the irony of this rant?

In the winter the flat doesn’t keep any heat in and its colder than Siberia*

Have a great day folks!

* not strictly true but feels that way!

8 comments on “Getting out of the Kitchen

  1. I know what you’re saying, the fact the weather has been so changeable as well doesn’t help does it? One day it’s throwing it down, the next is hot and sunny, there’s not enough time to get used to something before the weather changes.


  2. I’m currently slowly baking myself in my bedroom. I can’t open the window because it’s floor to ceiling and ants come in if I do. I really sympathise with the top floor flat thing…it does get unbearably hot with all that heat rising.

    PS you had a bat in your house???? WOW


  3. The trick in this heat is simply not to move. AT ALL. We’ve just had an impressive storm but it only made it all the more humid 😦

    Love from WeeGee (also too hot, also tired and also grumpy) xx


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