Sunshine through the window
Clock says 7am
Only had 3 hours sleep
Wake up weary, feeling weak.

Headache, pain, the usual worry
Take my medication in a hurry
Wondering what the day will bring
But I’m alive and that’s a WIN

New found sense of motivation
Re-energised, revitalisation
Ideas far beyond my usual station
Time I fought back against frustration

The rays of the sun shining on my face
A message from the lord above
Reminding me that I’m alive
A guiding light, filled with love

So many plans
Lots to be done
No longer do I see them as chores
Now it’s about having fun

Sitting down turn on the PC
Amazed at the screen in front of me
Have I achieved so much thus far?
Was that really all done by me?

That lazy, unhappy, useless man
He only went and followed a plan
Writing blogs and now a book
I will have to take a second look

That man, smiling so happily
Looks familiar, a face from the past
Working at the computer
Typing words so fast

He looks dedicated
Like he is on a mission
I want to question him
Ask him about his vision

I wont disturb him
He looks so cheery
No longer shoulders slumped
Tired, beaten and weary

That man it’s Garry
The one from before
Overcoming some issues
Showing them out of the door

Garry the joker
Garry the one on who you could rely
Is starting to return
He feels like he could fly

I’m on my way back
The skies blue no longer grey
I’m thankful to be alive
I am not going away

The sunshine that woke me
Heralding a new start
The plans for me have been chosen
Now time for me to play my part

I found the right path
I went the correct direction
Time to grasp this opportunity
No time for reflection

Friends came through to me
Reaching out, showing me the way
I had to take this path alone
But in my heart they will stay

A new day of hope
Of expectation and glory
The good times are coming back
What an end to this story!

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