As we all know I hate Friday’s. It always seems to fall apart for me on this particular day, a good week usually ruined by Friday.

Not today though, this Friday has been a good one!

First good thing was that I started writing a book today, a proper fiction book. 400 words done already only another 96000 to go.

And then while walking home with the kids and dog from the park I found £10 on the floor.

That wasn’t the highlight of my day though.

The highlight was the fact that all of the kids walked straight past the £10 note on the floor and I picked it up.

You should have seen the look on their faces when I waved it under their noses and told them they had all walked past it.


HA HA a win for Garry and on a Friday at that!

ps Dont forget to buy my book before Sunday as the half price offer expires tomorrow night.

10 comments on “Friday

  1. It is awesome to find money laying around isn’t it!! But if I am really needing some I will pay attention every where I go and find nothing. But I find some when I am not looking lol. I have found that the best place for finding money is in a bar! lol Not that I am encouraging anyone to go, but I have totally hit the jack pot twice when at one long ago! I am glad this friday has been good for you Moose 😉


  2. Fridays can be good… all I found today was a pile of cat fur and some dead plants. Glad yours was more fortunate!


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