One last update

Ok folks title has been chosen, all submissions need to be in by 30th August so I can publish on 1st September

Idea for Cover of book

The Depressed Moose

The book of poems that I am hoping to publish is beginning to take shape thanks to people who have kindly submitted their work. See here for more details

I have started putting these into a word document and formatting ready to be uploaded once I get more poems.

So far I have 28 poems but I am looking for a lot more before I go live with it! I am thinking a minimum of 50 poems but would like 100!

I need help coming up with a title and also someone who is artistic to come up with a front cover for the book, obviously I can’t get that done until a title is chosen.

I suggested “Tales from the Asylum” but some people may find the word Asylum comes with too much stigma, which we are trying to fight, so what suggestions can you make? Someone suggested “Tales…

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7 comments on “One last update

  1. looks great and I love the title you decided on- much more hopeful! Maybe a bit of space between the title and the subtitle. But it looks great. I can’t wait to get a copy when it is published!


  2. thanks its only a draft hoping someone may be able to come up with a better version but im really grateful to the person who created this for me. It also needs “The Depressed Moose presents” above the title for my own vanity 🙂


  3. Love the title and the picture 🙂 Hope people will take the leap and send you their poem/poems . . . . . That was your first step, maybe it will be theirs also 🙂


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