A Ray of Light

A Ray of Light


Darkness as far as the eye can see,

A world of suffering and misery,

Feeling down future not looking bright,

Until I find a ray of light!


Hidden and obscured from view,

Searching for it is all I can do,

The trick is to prove that I can cope,

That one day I will find a ray of hope!


Emotions drained and all over the place,

A fake smile plastered across my face,

Telling myself it will all be OK,

The ray of light will help me find my way.


A ray of sunshine or a little sign,

Lets me know all will be fine,

Each bad day passes yet I’m still here,

Reason alone to celebrate and cheer!


Overcoming the bad times,

Pulling through the darkest hours,

The dark clouds soon will be lifted

The ray of light shows its powers.


That little glimmer of light,

That magnificent glow,

Its colours enriching the sky,

Putting on the greatest show.


Extending his arms to me,

Feeling its warm embrace,

I know that everything will work out fine,

I can find my peace inside my special place.


Victory will happen, though it will take time,

I will suffer with emotions that are raw,

Its a difficult struggle and a long fought battle,

But I will win this war.


The ray of light is inside us all,

Its under lock and key,

The best part of releasing it from the chains,

Is that you will be free!

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