Shock, Horror its Friday…


Every week is always the same, a good few days and then WHAM! Friday comes along and I am back to square one again.

I feel terrible today, so low and I am up and down like a yo yo not being able to sit still and concentrate on anything.

Emotions are all over the place and I just want to go to bed and spend the day there avoiding everyone and everything.

I should probably try and go outside for a walk but this heat is killing me. I am sitting at my PC desk with sweat pouring off me, it is not a pretty sight and also makes me self-conscious. I sweat so much that I usually have to wear a jacket in the heat to cover my sweat patches!

An example of how bad things are today in terms of restlessness is that so far it has taken me over half an hour to write this post!

I have so many things I want to write about but I just cannot sit still or think enough to get it all down and it is driving me mad! I cannot even sit and read any books in the bath, which usually helps me unwind. I have been known to spend over an hour just hiding in the bath reading but so far this week I have read a total of 40 pages when on an average week I would be nearing the end of my second book by now.

The elation, excitement and general feeling of pride from yesterday seems like a distant memory today. It is one of THOSE days when I am either going to burst into tears or erupt like a volcano.

I might dig out the pocket camcorder and record a reworking of the song “I don’t like Mondays” with Fridays replacing Monday, at the least it will make you laugh at my expense!



Sheryl is “forcing” me to go out so off I pop to the shop (poet didn’t know it!) so be warned people of Woodford a big black cloud will soon be appearing on the skyline!

16 comments on “Shock, Horror its Friday…

  1. Don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m going to try this, Garry. When you mentioned “yo-yo” I couldn’t help but think of this song, so I looked it up on YouTube and will try to embed it here for you to listen, watch and hopefully laugh!! Here goes nothing:


  2. I guess for a bit now u had ur book to focus on and now that’s done your focus is a bit lost now. Hope u feel a bit better after your walk xx


  3. What is it about Fridays that is different for you? Maybe if you identify that, you could even out your ‘busy-ness’ over the week such that one particular day doesn’t shock your system. I have a saying “every day is a Saturday” so I try to schedule myself accordingly. I understand the restlessness. Hope the walk helps and your day gets better. ❤


  4. i know what you mean about sweat, i had to have my under arm sweat glands removed twice it was so bad and now i know it was panic causing it, i was a hairstylist too…i had a though, is it always a Friday or most often a Friday that gets bad for you? If so, did something negative in your past happen on a Friday?


  5. I too find myself having to fight depression and have had to deal with it sucking the life right out of me. I am told exercise does help but my energy level gets so low that it is nearly impossible for me to do.

    Good luck on your book. Wonderful achievement!


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