Seven Things About Me Award


Wow what a hectic few days it has been I completely forgot about this award kindly given to me by Kathy from Bipolarandbreastless. Sorry for the delay Kathy BUT I have finished my book now so I had a valid excuse.

So here’s what’s required to accept this award:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2.  Share seven things about you.

3.  Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

There are already a few posts with things about me and soon I will be running out of “interesting” things to share

For a reminder of my other posts please visit My First Award as a Blogger, Another Award and It’s Raining Awards

So lets try and come up with 7 more interesting facts about myself.

1. I am a twin, some of you already know that BUT my dad is a twin and my son was also a twin until a miscarriage. When Sheryl and I were trying for a baby we were both worried about the twin gene but thankfully we had just one baby. Although she makes enough mess for two!

2. I was branded a pervert at junior school (when I was 10) because my dad had a watch with “wicked willy” (basically a penis on the face with a warped sense of humour” and I wore it to school and was humiliated by this teacher in front of around 60 kids! (Not that I am bitter now of course but if I ever find him…..)
3. I once choked showing off my party trick of being able to eat a donut without licking my lips. I stuffed the donut in to mouth, started chewing and what felt like a jar of jam came shooting out. I didn’t know it was a jam donut and wasnt expecting anything to happen. A near death experience I tells ya!
4. I cannot swim and the last time I even went to the local swimming pool I fell off a mat into the deep end and my friend, who was on the top diving board had to dive in and pull me out. My hands were less than 5 inches away from the ladder to climb out LOL

5. I was once arrested and fired from a job when someone grassed me up for something naughty that I was doing. It was one my last day before I was due to leave for another store when the police came and took me away. Luckily I was only given a caution but it is still one of my worst ever mistakes in life.

5. I once won a competition called “Guess The Song” at a massive exhibition in London beating radio DJ s as well as everyone else in the arena. I was gutted to realise the competition was sponsored by Halfords and I had won a set of car speakers! At the time I was 17 and did not have a licence to drive OR  a car!

7. And best of all I added number 5 twice and you didn’t even notice!



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