My Bright Idea Part 2

I have had such a busy weekend promoting the book idea on twitter I didn’t really have time to write a blog about how I was feeling. Most of the time spent was done reading other blogs as I like to keep updated on how you are doing and enjoy reading.

I have completed my second bright idea and have now actually finished the first draft of my book and now I have the panic setting in with regards to formatting for kindle! It has to be done in a certain way to make it compatible for e readers and I have no clue how to do it!

I feel such an overwhelming sense of pride that I have achieved something even if no one else is interested in what I have read just knowing I put the time and effort into creating this makes me so proud.

I just need help from someone to come up with a front cover for the book who has time on the hands?

The title I have come up with is “Diary of a Man with Depression” but I guess that needs some working on as well but catchy titles escape me!

Either way I am determined to get this finished this week as I want it out there so hopefully people will start talking about depression and know that they are not alone, which is why I started this blog in the first place. People have been sending me messages saying how brave they think I am being so open about my battle but it is all for the greater good in terms of exposure.

What these people probably don’t realise is how much the messages they send mean to me and inspire me! Imagine feeling so worthless and useless as I do and suddenly a stranger has sent you an email saying things like

“You inspire others, myself included so keep yourself well!”

“I actually wanted to say thank you – your request encouraged me to publish these and other poems on kindle. You were the spur I needed.”

These are just 2 messages I have received but there are others and from the bottom of my heart thank you for supporting me in my journey!

Today I feel better than I did over the weekend, keeping myself busy is my way of ignoring the brain and it’s funny way of trying to bring me down. Focusing on the book plans I have gives me motivation to get out of bed at the moment so that’s always a good thing isn’t it!


20 comments on “My Bright Idea Part 2

  1. There is a programme “Calibre” that will convert from and too epub, mobi, text pdf and many more. You can download it for free but it’s always wise to read through each format to check on format, style and spacing etc


  2. I agree with Bourbon, I think a title with Depressed Moose in it would make people stop and think, “A moose? I’ll have a look what that’s about.”

    I’m really impressed that you’ve got so much done so quickly!


  3. Hey Moosey,
    Don’t put too much pressure on yourself about getting your book done so fast, it might drive you crazy if you do that to yourself. I am really excited for you but I just want to for warn you that you may hit glitches along the way. I would offer to help with the cover but i have no idea how, someone Photoshopped mine for me. What I can tell you is you can just pick out a pic that you like for the cover. i used a picture of a painting i did.


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