Overwhelmed, Anxious and Excited

I am so excited about this idea to do a book of poems but also wary of the implications it could have on my depression. The feedback I have receiving is awesome and makes me determined to push forward with this especially if I can start getting submissions thick and fast which I know will take some time.

I need to try and work out how to format in word to fit into the kindle and e-reader styles and being useless at the technical side of these things I have to be careful that I don’t end up stressing myself out like I did last night and end up in a right state where I get completely overwhelmed with the whole thing.

The possibilities are endless with poems, short stories, pictures all built into a series of books which can help end the stigma of mental health illnesses and I need to keep myself grounded in the sense of not going to far or doing too much too soon, but it is hard while the idea is so fresh.

The  problem with depression is one day you feel ready to tackle anything and on others it is a struggle to get out of bed so while the energy is flowing I want to make a start but I just don’t know how to do it! Added of course the knowledge that people may feel let down if it doesn’t end being as good as we hope so i will take this project on nice and slowly and at a pace that will keep this fun rather than stressful.

My friend weegee is going to have the job of keeping me sane but shhhhhh don’t tell her she doesn’t know it yet but if anyone has advice for getting started please share it before I end up going mad!

I also know that Teresa will be there to guide me and step in if she feels like I am doing too much and in danger of sinking.

Wohoo feel better already for getting this down in print!





17 comments on “Overwhelmed, Anxious and Excited

  1. Unbelievable !! Considering I was sending a message to you asking you to slow down because I saw stress showing its ugly face again, at what appears to be the same moment you were posting this. LOL

    Great idea, Garry !!!!


  2. Hi Garry,
    You’ve come up with a *brilliant* idea for this book, or this series of books or whatever it morphs into. 🙂
    At the same time, let me remind you that *you* are first priority here. *You* get the energy and space and rest and relaxation you need to cope, before this book gets anything from you. *Please* do not be worrying about how others out here will feel if this book doesn’t happen immediately or even at all. This is *your* baby and you can take it whichever direction you decide, whichever direction your equilibrium allows, whatever pace you need to go to stay as well and safe as possible. There is absolutely no rush with this. We all know you suffer wtih depression and that is an illness which *needs* individual pacing and self-care. You are first here, not the book, not us. You. Just reminding you with all the love I have. Don’t stress for our sakes! 🙂 If anyone gets antsy with you about this, just send them to me and I shall remind them this is first and foremost about keeping *you* well and not in a debilitating slippery black hole, and tell them to back off, kindly. It’s an option, use me if I can help. 🙂
    I was thinking if it were me looking at organising a book like this, I would start not by straight away typing it up, but by spreading the word about it. So opening a Facebook page specifically for this book idea of yours, inviting people to join. People can easily share this with their circles of friends and the word will travel faster. I see you have a depressedmoose page on FB, if it were me I’d make one simply for this book idea, to let people focus just on that and on getting the word out more simply. People will wander to thedepressedmoose.com more, once they get inspired to explore the book idea. I see you’re Twittering. That’s awesome too. I’d also perhaps post short articulate (which you are good at) links on pages like themisadventuresofabiploargirl on Facebook too, pages which already have a large following of people living with mental health issues. I’m sure there are other pages you’d know about and ones you can ask people to recommend to you, where you can drop a little blurb about the book idea and start getting the flow of creativity coming your way en masse. 🙂
    Give people some time to think about what they would like to add to a book such as this. I’m thinking I would like to add some writing, but I want to think carefully about what I would most like to say in this context to this audience, so it will take me some time to get the inspiration of exactly what I want to say, and write it. Just because the pieces aren’t pouring in doesn’t mean they aren’t in the works. 🙂 You wait and see. The contribbutions will grow. 🙂
    *Always* remember you and your mental health come *first*. You might want to mention on a page for this book on Facebook, that you live with depression yourself, and that will be taking first priority before the book, even though you are getting wonderful feedback about this idea and you are very excited and inspired about it and fully intend to go ahead with this through to completion. *As your health permits.*
    It is an amazing thing to take your pain and use it to inspire and encourage and speak to others who will be feeling and thinking similar things. To let people know they are not alone, that people care, that there is hope, and there are people who understand deeply.
    Be gentle on yourself each step of your way. You come first here, remember? 🙂
    Love from Rach.
    (sorry this is *such* a long comment! I had a lot to say! *As always*) 🙂


      • 🙂 These are just some ideas in my head about this, *please* discard them if they are too much or not the way you choose to do things. 🙂
        And if I can help at all, write a facebook page for you about the book idea of yours, edit anything, help deal with people who put pressure on you about this, let me k now. 🙂
        A dear friend of mine who’s an artist who works specifically with people with mental illnesses, and has their art all over my city (lots of it outdoors), has gotten excited about your book idea. 🙂 I think she herself is looking at contributing something too. 🙂 Her name is Claire, if she shows up with amazing art for your book. . 🙂
        The word is spreading and people are being inspired.
        Love from Rach. 🙂


  3. How about stopping and breathing. There is no rush and actually if you take it slowly you will make sure you get cared for (by you) and you get a better outcome. So breathe. It sounds like you haven’t done any of that for a while.


  4. Don’t be put off if the initial reaction is lukewarm. If you persevere you will do it, but it will take time and patience.


  5. My only bit of advicfe would be from WeeGee anyway – How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite. Thats how you should tackle this, look at it as a bit at a time and eventually you’ll end up with the whole picture xox


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