Had a good response on twitter to this idea as well as some positive comments here but less than 24 hours later and only 2 submissions. Please spread the word and help me get this up and running because otherwise my depression will cause me to lose interest LOL. The idea will be to donate 50% of sales to Mind Charity with amazon taking 30% if i self-publish with them leaving 20% for me to cover time etc it is not gonna make me rich but could be the start of something good with enough support from everyone. I am even thinking of getting Al Pacino to play me in the film!

The Depressed Moose

So after thinking long and hard about how we can spread the gospel according to the moose I am thinking about working to publish a book of poems written and/or short stories by people with depression and other Mental Health Illnesses.

I have a few of my own to go into the book but this is where you come in!

Would you be willing to submit your efforts for me to add to the book? I read a lot of poetry on here and it blows me away how talented you all are so I am sure we can create something between the whole of us!

It can be published as a book for kindle or something. You don’t need to have a kindle to read it as you can download “kindle for pc” from amazon to enable the book to be read, I know this as I did it the other…

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