Lucky I Can Laugh at Myself

I get the feeling today is not going to be my day! 11.30 am and this is the story of my morning so far…..


  • Sleep at around 3.30am
  • wake up at 8.30am still exhausted
  • electricity about to run out so rush down the shop to get some
  • halfway to shops realise I forgot the debit cards to draw money out – rush back home and collect them
  • second trip get 3/4 of the way before I realise I forgot the electric key! walk back home using more expletives than a Martin Scorsese Β film
  • Go back for the 3rd time and walk back clenching before the inevitable IBS kicks in

speaking of IBS as you know I finally spoke to the Dr about it and low and behold I have been constipated since! Just waiting for the floodgates to open so I am even less likely to leave the house until that happens. It will happen sooner rather than later and I am starting to better judge the signs.


Can you laugh at the little things or does it just ruin your day?

I have days when something silly happening like me tripping over in the street (and doing the obligatory little jog straight after!) can make me want to go back to bed and hide for the rest of the day.

Other days the same thing can make me laugh for the whole day! Even more so when it happens to someone else πŸ™‚


Being able to laugh at yourself is an good way of dealing with depression. A little bit of humour can go a long way in changing your mood and even the way you areΒ perceivedΒ by other people. People may well walk on egg shells around you as they worry how you would react in certain situations if they know your more inclined to laugh than cry is it possible they would be more forthcoming with you?

I am interested to hear what you think on this….

26 comments on “Lucky I Can Laugh at Myself

  1. Sometimes I wish that there was a little button that can ‘reset’ the day and start again – though would you remember the mistakes (leaving the cards at home) the second time around or would you have to replay that bit too…?

    I can be hard to laugh at yourself, especially when you are depressed. That comes with practice and learning to know about yourself, still struggle myself when I’m down.

    Keep laughing πŸ˜€


  2. I’m with you there
    It comes down to the day we having
    I sent a txt wishing someone well for work later in the morning, I sent it around 2:30 this morning, only to have a reply at four hours later saying thanx for waking me, I got upset and went straight on the defensive,
    Now I’m thinking should’ve said well least I made sure you was up πŸ™‚
    Other times doesn’t matter would just say something funny, I chatted on phone last night said about my thoughts, a comment was said and I replied “well if I could unsuicide my thoughts I wouldn’t be chatting with you” lol
    If someone with you can be easier for the humour and laugh at ourselves, than being on our own, think mostly its the day we having and allowing ourselves to laugh later with family n friends about it
    Has the floodgates opened yet? Lol


  3. I have carried out many embarrassing face plants of note until I took to my wheelchair and now fall no more. When I started laughing after a fall people would think I was becoming hysterical. If I didn’t laugh at the stupid things I do I would be in a straightjacket by now.


  4. Dear Moose,
    You make me laugh. You HAVE to laugh. I laughed out loud at the “clenching”. That is funny!!! I’m sorry you are experiencing that…but I love that you can be funny about it.
    Keep laughing, and keep making everyone else laugh.
    Did you know our bodies vibrate? They do. Science has proven this fact. And when we laugh, or even just smile….our vibration gets must faster. (When we are down…the vibrations are very slow). But also, that vibration literally spreads from our body…out to the universe!
    It’s true.


  5. I have spent so long laughing at myself, there’s nothing left to amuse me. However, I have laughed myself silly at Boris Johnson stuck on a zip wire today so that’s a good start.


  6. I made the mistake of going out this morning to do some errands. I was fine until I got in Wal Mart (collective ohhhhh goes here). I will never understand why I do that to myself. (yes you do, it is the closest story to get all needs in one stop) Anyway, I can relate to your day…hope it got better! hugs from across the pound πŸ™‚


  7. Laughing is definitely the best medicine and sometimes the only medicine that works! I’m totally with you Garry! Sorry your morning was such a disaster though, that totally blows! Still, your sense of humour is what will get you through tough times, dont ever lose it and I happen to think you have the most amazing wit and sense of humour!

    Carol anne


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