Depression Word Association


What words can you come up with that are associated with depression?

Just for fun here are some I came up with and this was harder than I thought it would be! (He says 6 hours, 1 afternoon sleep, 4 toilet dashes and 1 dinner later!)

D Downcast, dispirited, disappointed, death, demented, darkness

 E Emotional, exhaustion, emptiness

P pointless, pathetic, problems, pain, paranoid, pessimistic

R Restless, resentful, recovery,

 E Excluded, edgy, exposed.


surviving, struggle, sleep, sorrow,  self-conscious, sobbing,  sadness, shattered,  sorrowful, suffering, suicidal


 I inadequate, inconsolable, injured, insecure, irrational, irritable, isolated

oppressed, overwhelmed

N   needy, nervous, nightmarish

16 comments on “Depression Word Association

  1. D — downhearted, despair, derision, detestable
    E — endless
    P — pills, panic, pretending (to be happy, fine, etc.)
    R — regret
    E — exasperated
    S — sleep deprived
    S — surrounded by stupid, superficial people spouting spurious cliches and (see “I” below)
    I — ignorant inanities
    O — ongoing
    N — never-ending


  2. Deep well
    Emotional trip
    Energy drain
    Seriously fowl
    Stuck in the mud
    Inner turmoil
    Off my rocker
    Needlessly complicated
    Involved in healing
    Seeking others
    Talking it through
    Actively involved

    Thanks Garry. I’ve felt one way or other from time to time!

    Healthy outlook
    Energize the bunny
    Always trying
    Love myself


  3. D- determined
    E- end
    P – pain
    R- resist
    E – every
    S – second
    S – so
    I – I
    O- open
    N – new, depression defeated chapter of my book
    Love you bunches !


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