A Medical Update…..

Before reading this you may want to refer back to the following post so it makes more sense especially if you are a new reader. what-does-this-mean

In the post I spoke about these “out of body” experiences I was having and today finally got to speak to my Doctor about it. With my Dr you need to give at least a weeks notice before you can see him!

So besides visiting him for my anxiety,IBS and a new infection I appear to have picked up…sigh I felt inclined to finally come out the closet (to quote HelloSailor) and tell him about what happens when I am near a busy road or train lines etc.

Straight away he started typing a referral letter to see a psychiatrist! Really not sure how I feel about this but I guess if it is good enough for the likes of Frank Costello and Tony Soprano (like my mafia links there? really should add them more often!) then it is good enough for me. However the irony of him writing about how my anxiety and IBS are preventing me from wanting to leave the house and travel too far and then him telling me where they are based and asking how I would get there was not lost on me!

He has no idea of what it meant which makes me not knowing feel better in a sense but then now I wonder what the shrink will make it all! How complex live as a moose is!

It was actually kind of comforting for me to know my Dr is concerned about the apparent downturn in my depression, he really feels more like an old friend than my GP.

My depression score has moved from moderate back to severe so it appears that the depression is fighting back and this will be a lot more difficult than I was anticipating especially as I thought I was doing so much better! The good news is it has been months since any thought of suicide so there is some positive news to be thankful for.

So now the depressed moose has become an anxious, depressed, shitting himself (literally some times LOL) Moose and that is fine with me because the more I am aware of my ailments the better prepared I can be.

Now I have to learn to wait weeks or months to see the shrink! it may be well an interesting ride!


21 comments on “A Medical Update…..

  1. I’m gonna put myself out and let you and the your followers know about me, if your a friend of Ele on fb which I know you are Garry then you’ll be able to find what I’m gonna say now so you have an insight.

    My life growing up was of physical abuse, my earliest memory is being in a highchair and being punched, I was thrown down the stairs where I suffered a fractured skull, I then hid one day in the garage to avoid being beaten.
    I knocked over some paint where after awhile I started feeling different, it was my first experience of being high. From there I got into glue and so on, my life from 12 was drugs and abuse, I left home going from place to place doing drugs.
    At 21 I got myself clean and found a woman I loved she was older than me, then things changed she started getting violent, I couldn’t leave my love for her was that I could help her get better, unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, one night she pinned me down and poured bleach down my throat…… sorry had a time out
    I went hospital where I said I done it that I wanted to die, I suffered internal burns to lungs throat and stomach, the ridicule and shame of saying those things in the 90’s was still seen as a man being weak.
    I’d kept those things hidden for so long that they impacted on my mh
    I know how scarey it is to walk around with thoughts of suicide, to have watch your body walk without you inside,
    I hope mate you really do get that help and they listen and support you
    I’m here if you need to vent


  2. That’s good to hear mate
    I know we suffering from different things and can be hard to understand things, yet to me that doesn’t matter its the fact someone wants you to get better to be more in control, that they’ve taken the time to listen that’s the feel better facter
    You’ve a great bunch of ppl here for you showing support and listening
    I did find grown up nappies tho lol 😉


  3. Dear Garry,

    Have they prescribed anything specifically for the anxiety? Besides the anti-depressants, I mean? I take a shed load of beta blockers daily (I’m on the highest dose of Propanolol) and although they don’t make the symptoms of anxiety disappear entirely (in my case it’s vomiting), they do reduce them significantly. It might be worth mentioning next time you see the doc, or even make a telephone appointment to discuss it before you’re due to go again.

    Love Dotty xxx


  4. Your doctor sounds like such a good one. Our GP is the only doctor we trust and it’s amazing to see her level of truly caring for us. We’re used to medical persons completely disregarding or even abusing their station with us.
    Lots of happy thoughts and luck!


  5. You’re in good company on the psychiatrist front afterall it is only very special people that get that referral. So don’t worry. You’re the first person I’ve come across who has the same problem as me in terms of having to wait a week to see your doctor. It’s not right. I just don’t understand how they don’t see it as a problem. Unfortunately my doctor is not the good friend you described yours as so I’m thinking of changing. A couple of days I coudl cope with but a week seems far too long. And hey, that ‘s awesome news re the suicidal thoughts! 🙂


  6. I know it sounds lame but take it one step at a time. Knock over one problem then tackle the next one. Girls keep telling us we can’t multitask 🙂


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