Things To Cheer Me (And You) Up!


Queen Lilybet practicing her “crazy face”

I feel like screaming “ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” from the window tonight so to cheer me up I have a treat for you.

This is my daughter Elizabeth AKA Lilybet, she is not very camera shy and often likes us to take her photo while she experiments with different facial expressions. She is only 3 and already been photographed more than Angelina Jolie!

What I love about children of this age is the expressions they come out with and things they do that just put a smile on your face so I wanted to share some of them with you!

  • (on finding Mummy and Daddy having a “quiet time” moment, we thought she was asleep and didnt hear her….)”daddy why are you stuck in Mummy?”
  • (on finding Daddy eating an ice cream)”wait a second, you have ice cream! let me sit on your lap and we can share”
  • (after sharing said ice cream)”you have one lick and I will eat the rest”
  • (after seeing my steak and chips on the table)”lets sit together so I can eat your dinner!”
  • (after trying some of my steak)”this is scrumptious!”
  • (after I fell about laughing at something she said, she folded her arms gave me her “angry face” and said)”I TOLD YOU NOT TO LAUGH AT ME!”
  • (on being asked to choose a name for our new kitten)” we can call her CAT!”
  • (on seeing me browsing the Toysrus website for a pink slide for her birthday)”ooohhh, pink slide, my favourite colour, I MUST HAVE IT!”
  • (after I came home from hospital after my vasectomy, she gave me a hug and said)”my hugs make you feel better and your hugs make me feel better!”
  • (after seeing my shorts had slipped a bit at the back)”ewwww I can see your bum cracker!”
  • (after I told she couldn’t eat her dinner in bed as she makes too much mess)”I have an idea Daddy, why don’t you put a towel down so I don’t make any mess”
  • (after being told that I don’t want to play “hide and seek””ok you count and I will hide”
  • (after being told I don’t want to play catch)”OK you just throw the ball to me and I will catch it”

This is the story of how we ended up getting a cat. Every day when she woke up the first thing she would say is “can I have a kitten pleaseeeeee”. This went on for weeks until one afternoon she woke up and went searching for something in the flat. Sheryl and I both asked what she was looking for and she replied “I can’t find my kitten” So naturally Daddy gave in to his princess! I have noticed she keeps mentioning a puppy lately and I think I am being played….

She has also now learnt to open a new tab on Google chrome and click Netflix on the favourites and starts watching her programs on the pc!

Now everytime I leave my pc desk she asks to watch netflix!

She also LOVED playing on the Wii especially Just Dance games so here is a treat for you and if this doesnt make you smile then your either dead or have no heart!

Somewhere is a video clip of me dancing on the Wii without knowing my lovely wife was filming it, I MAY add it on to a blog post one day depending on the number of requests I get to view it…….

32 comments on “Things To Cheer Me (And You) Up!


    thanks so much for sharing.
    And yes please do share your video!!
    p.s. I love that song lolololol xx


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