Something Good…

Needs to happen today to get me out of another Friday Funk – It appears to be that Friday is my new Monday always a good week is ruined by Friday.

Here are some things that would probably cheer me up

  • a text message from a friend
  • an email from someone asking how I am doing
  • a sudden surge of interest in my blog rather than the current down flow I am seeing
  • The stats page on wordpress goes missing for a few hours so I am not constantly checking it!
  • One of those emails that tells me I have been left millions in a will turns out to be true!
  • a rich older lady with no family and a weak heart takes a shine to me.
  • a puppy appears on my doorstep
  • nutella email me asking to advertise on my blog and offer to pay in jars!
  • someone tags me in one of the cool questions posts that do the rounds so I can find something to write about!

And so here are some random questions that have bothered me this week

  1. How long will I stand at the main front door of my flats trying to use my Tesco clubcard key ring before I remember to use the proper security fob?
  2. What can I eat that will not force me to sprint to the toilet and then spend the rest of the day going back and forth?
  3. If I had a tube full of pringles and you took a handful what would you have?
  4. Why is there no chocolate in my flat?


and the answers are…

  1. appears to be 5 minutes and after lots of expletives
  2. God knows!
  3. you would have my teeth marks in your hand!
  4. because I ate it all


I feel so random today lots of ideas spinning around my head but nothing jumping out at me to say “write about this” or “talk about that”. I guess the good news is that I will be winning the lottery tonight so will be able to go on a lavish spending spree soon, the bad news is I don’t have the money to buy a ticket LOL

Don’t be surprised if there are a lot of posts today I feel the urge to write to escape from myself for the day! Now if only I knew what to write about!

Garry “the confuddled Moose”

26 comments on “Something Good…

  1. “a sudden surge of interest in my blog rather than the current down flow I am seeing
    The stats page on wordpress goes missing for a few hours so I am not constantly checking it!”
    1. It’s summer, wait for the weather to be crappy and watch the stats fly up. Whenever it’s nice outside, people forget to check blogs. They are too busy with lives we cannot being to comprehend.
    2. Stats aren’t important, I realised this lately, I prefer when i get lots of likes and comments rather than views. Views are weird, because often I get people searching for other things, and laugh when I think they stumbled on my blog instead – poor fools.

    Other stuff:-
    I’d totally send you some nutella.
    I’m thinking about doing a random question post.
    I’m also feeling completely random today.
    I’d totally text you and ask how you are.


    • I know you would sweetie I hate the numbers game because I love seeing them on the good days and hate them on the slow days but thats just my little way. Maybe I could do a post on how much i have achieved with my blog so far, but then I would come across the wrong way LOL


      • Nah you wouldn’t. I’ve used my awards posts to do that. You’ve done remarkably well and you haven’t even been blogging that long!
        I was getting stupid amount of views when the weather was crap, now I don’t get so many, however, LOTS of people have said exactly the same thing. So, don’t think it has any bearing on your blog, or what you say. 🙂


      • Nah it’s not needy, I think in the beginning, I related lots of views to reassurance. I think needing reassurance is only normal, considering.


  2. Oh no the dreaded funk!
    Try going to a building with a lift(elevator here in the states) and do this;
    When the elevator is full draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passnegers, “This is MY personal space!” The look on their faces is sure to boot your mood! 😆
    I do hope your day gets brighter. 🙂


  3. The thing about WordPress is that it’s not necessarily user friendly for the non-blogger. Unless I did something wrong I had to sign up or sign into a blog. I have one now and can “like” your posts and “respond” to you at will. Hallelujah!

    I only mention this because like Roxy said, the views could be a better indicator. You already know that there are those who view (read) but not interacting. I’ve never blogged so not sure about this process. Another thing to learn when time allows…I promise.

    Have you exercised today? How about a good dance song or vid to check the juices flowing? 😀


  4. Ha! You’re response to someone taking a handful of pringles is my response if someone ever tries to take any pickles from me (either from the jar or from my hand).
    I was at a drive-in movie last week (Dark Knight Rises) and got two pickles from the snack bar to munch on. One of the people in our group of cars that I barely know saw them and said “Oooh, watch out, I may snag your second pickle.”
    My best friend gasped loudly and said “For the love of god, don’t! Not if you value the use of your hands!”

    Hopefully that was worth a bit of distraction and maybe a smile? I tried 🙂


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