The Elephant in The Room….

Phew what a busy day I have had! I left the flat at 8.30 having had 3 hours sleep and got myself into Central London for a Peer Support Training Course run by the Charity Mind.

It was a lovely day which taught me lots of things about how to help other people and best of all met some lovely people from the Elephant in the Room community on Facebook.

If you are not a member of this lovely group of people click the Facebook link above and send a friend request to the Elephant. I highly recommend this place even more so after seeing so many members at the training today.

We are also using the hash tag #EletoEle on twitter to make this more accessible for everyone

In other news I managed to make it all the way without my IBS causing a scene on the train, and upon arrival was so quick into the gents I am expecting a call from the British Olympic Team later as backup for the sprint events!

Knackered, hungry and sweaty as you like I will be back later as I am in the middle of writing a post concerning my uncle and how his death acted as a trigger for my depression. It is going to be a powerful, moving piece which I hope you will read, of course now I have built it up it will be a bitter disappointment but after my successful day today all I can say is “C’est La Vie”.

Who knew I could speak another language eh?


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