Reasons to be Cheerful

This will be my last post today (ok for a few hours at least LOL) BUT

I am in a good mood I have had a good few days and I feel inspired to write! Normally I tend to write when I am having bad days so lets just go with it today!

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My reasons to be cheerful

  • I have hit over 50 followers of this blog
  • I have had 3000 readers
  • Yesterday I hit over 200 visitors in one day!
  • I weighed myself and have lost weight!
  • I don’t feel like being stuck indoors today!
  • You love me, you really love me. (ok scraping the barrel now)
  • I feel good! so good, so good I got you!
  • Dotty is back!
  • I have lots of new friends here on wordpress

The sun is out, my flat is hotter than a sauna and yet I feel alive today. I am going to get a price for my moose tattoo that I MUST HAVE! If that doesn’t bring me down to earth with a bump nothing will LOL keep the donations coming when the tattoo is paid for I will do a video blog of Sheryl waxing my chest! Bribery might work πŸ™‚


And even though the doctor wont give me a medical certificate without speaking to me on the phone I won’t let that or the people trying to bring me down bother me today! Tomorrow may be a different matter LOL but for now I am living for today!


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