Award? For Moi? What a Good Way to Start The Day

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I love getting these! Not only does it show mutual respect towards me, it is also a great way for new people to find my little blog and enjoy my journey!

Even better is when you wake up and find someone has given you the award which is what happened today.

Kevin at Voicesofglass has given me this award and made my day! Thank you Kevin!



So the hard part…..Trying to find 7 more facts about me that I haven’t already shared so here we go again. For the record I will never get bored of writing about myself 🙂


  1. On a first date I was so nervous I did not see the steps in the pub garden and proceeded to fall down them and spill the drinks I was carrying all over myself! Luckily she didn’t notice this but was concerned at the 20 minutes I spent in the toilets trying to dry myself with the hand dryer.
  2. On a tour of Wembley stadium (the old one) I took a tile out of the England dressing room.
  3. I was heading for a walk along the Strand in Central London when a bus was blown up by the IRA. I was 5 minutes away from it and it was one the scariest days of my life.
  4. I once had two grey kittens called Ronnie and Reggie Grey. A fox got them 😦
  5. I sent wedding invitations to Al Pacino and Robert De Niro! Needless to say they did not come or reply LOL
  6. If I could change one thing about my life I would go back in time and kick that first cigarette out of my mouth and beat the 10 year old me all over the park where it started!
  7. I always thought I should have been in a boy band despite not being able to sing, or dance and not having the looks! I did however once find the perfect band for me but didn’t get in.

Photo Credit: wikipedia


I hope Kevin does not mind me not giving this award to others as I have my own special award and gave it out to my latest winners yesterday.



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6 comments on “Award? For Moi? What a Good Way to Start The Day

  1. I would NEVER be able to come up with 7 things about myself like this. How do you dig these memories up? I feel like my life has been so predictable and boring. Now my husband would be able to come up with a bunch about me, but then he likes to embellish. LOL


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