New Moose Award Ceremony

I am in a good frame of mind today, seems my 3 day rut is over thankfully so, that being said I wanted to nominate some more people for the Moose Seal of Approval Award.

Moose Seal of Approval

Moose Seal of Approval

“The rules of the award”

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the following questions
  1. If a film was made about your life what would the title be?
  2. Who would play you? (Can be an actor/actress that is dead or alive)
  3. What genre would the film be?
  4. Who would direct the film?
  5. Who would play the love interest in the film?
  6. Which song would feature most heavily in the film?
  7. If you could have played a part from any film what would that be?



The recipients are blogger who write from the heart, sharing their stories with honesty, sincerity and inspire me and a whole lot of their readers. Each blog needs to be visited and tell them the moose sent you!

First Award is given to Roxy for her blog AdverseUniverse. A lovely person who is quick to comment on my blog with words of support, advice and the odd virtual hug! And we all know how much I like my hugs!

The second person is Bourbon over at crazyinthecoconut. It takes a lot of courage to write so openly about such difficult issues and I admire her so much for this. Besides that her blog photo always makes me laugh!

If you get the chance please give them a visit! When you are sitting at the feeder waiting for new posts from people you know they are doing a good thing.

Previous winners can be found here


Congratulations Roxy and Bourbon keep doing what you do best!!



12 comments on “New Moose Award Ceremony

  1. !!!!!!!!!!! This has made my day. At 10:12 pm I finally have a smile on my face. Thank you. This is by far the best award ive received because its YOURS! I will write it up tomorrow as soon as I get back on my lappy. Thank you so much for sticking with me through all my intense writings xx


  2. Thank you!! You made me smile! 😀
    I will don my award robes, and prepare a speech asap!
    Thank you Mr. Moose. I have really liked reading your blog, and think you deserve lots of hugs! I think WordPress should create a “hug” button alongside it’s “like” button because “like” is definitely overused these days thanks to social media.
    Hugs to everyone. And congrats Bourbon as well, I love her blog too. 😀
    Thank you thank you. 😀


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