The Root of My Depression…

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Everything that brings me deeper into depression leads back to one thing.

MONEY – or more importantly a lack off!

It is the main thing that keeps me awake all night.

Living hand to mouth it not a good thing believe me, I am lucky if there is enough food in the flat to feed me once the kids have eaten. There is nothing worse than looking in an empty fridge, freezer, cupboard or wallet!

I always used to be able to find ways to earn money, selling on Ebay, selling mafia wars accounts now the thinking well is bone dry. The water that used to run to the well has been cut off for unpaid bills!

Yes I have a roof over my head but it is a shell of a flat, with more broken items that we can’t afford to replace than things that are  “new”. Broken beds, broken sofa, broken fridge and broken dreams!

Gas and electric run on prepaid meters and running off emergency credit at the moment. Sure it is simple to say “why don’t you cut off your internet?” Then where am I, I am even more invisible without my online friends and this blog. My link to people on the outside is only from the internet, real life people don’t give me or my family a second thought.

Thank God for my in-laws who go above and beyond the mother in law and father in law roles. Without them I wouldn’t see anyone else.

“Cut off the phones then” And then who else is going to look out for my elderly relatives? Who else is going to be their point of contact when they need someone or just a talk? No one that’s who!

“Stop smoking” Believe me I am on the case! What I don’t need is people saying “well if you can afford cigarettes…..”

And of course what I really need is being told “there are a lot of people worse off than you”

My Current funds in my “money pot”

Here it is then, all the money I have available as of right now! Some gold coins in there so I can at least get some dinner tonight.

So here’s to money, to the bankers who earn outrageous bonuses for crippling the world financially, to the sports stars who earn more a week than most of earn in 5 years and to me scraping the barrel trying to keep my head afloat!

Rant over (well the online rant is over at least poor Sheryl has to deal with one happy moose today!)

This post was sponsored by THE MOOSE BANK where we would love to lend you money but we have none ourselves!


13 comments on “The Root of My Depression…

  1. Are you claiming everything you are entitled to? You shouldn’t be living like that Mr. Moose.
    I totally get your internet thing. It’s my only link to everyone and I don’t know how I EVER lived without it. I hate it when it goes down now for an hour, because I feel totally isolated and alone.
    Phone, internet, those are not luxuries in my opinion, they are necessary.
    “There are people worse off than you”, well, I feel bad for them, but that doesn’t make you any more rich by people saying that does it?
    Hugs x


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