A New Tattoo Please

I want a tattoo! No I really really want a new tattoo.

I feel so numb the pain of a tattoo will at least bring some feeling back into me.

Something like this that would take a few hours and give my brain some peace!


Another dream that will go unfulfilled.

Any tattooists in East London want a guinea pig in exchange for a free tattoo? Lemme Know 🙂

16 comments on “A New Tattoo Please

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  2. I’ll do it. I’ve always wanted to tattoo someone! I’m sure skin can’t be that difficult to draw on. (My tattooist is in Billericay, I think he’s about £80 an hour, I’m not sure what the exchange rate is for guinea pigs, but he its worth it because he is awesome – not the mental awesome the actually real awesome 😉 ) xox


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