What Does This Mean?

I want to share something with you that confuses me and I am struggling to make sense of it. It is something that has happened a few times and I am wondering if there is a hidden meaning that I cannot see or whether it is just me cracking up 🙂

I live near where the A406 meets the M11 so it is a busy stretch of road. I was waiting at a bus stop on Saturday watching the cars fly past when, clear as day, I saw myself running into the road out of the corner of my eye.

I wasn’t running to get hit by these cars, it wasn’t a suicidal thought or something to put me in harm’s way. At least I didn’t feel that way. It was like I was playing chicken with these cars and they could not get anywhere near hitting me.

Further examples of things like this are when I walk over the road above the A406 –  I can see myself jumping down onto the road below but always landing on my feet and never being hurt by either the fall or the vehicles.

When I am on the underground I can see me running across the tracks but never being hit by the trains.

Does any of this mean anything? Is there something I can read into it?

Am I subconsciously trying  to “kill” off the current Garry and go back to the old me? Is it the old me trying to break through?

All I know is it confuses the hell out of me and I don’t know whether it is the sort of thing I should mention to my Dr without worrying about being taken away by the men in white coats.

Any thoughts?

16 comments on “What Does This Mean?

  1. I do something similar but more in a parallel universe sort of way. Say I have a close shave while driving, I see all the alternate happenings panning out, quite clearly, as if they have happened too… Does that help..?!


  2. Hmm, no idea what it means but I do something similar. If I’m driving, I picture smashing it into the barrier in the middle of the road. Now I know I’m not going to do it, but I find myself thinking about it. Also similar to you, if I’m on a bridge or somewhere high, I imagine jumping off. Very strange. It’s not like suicidal thoughts, just picturing ‘what would be the worst thing to do right now’.


  3. Could be any or all of the above. It is called impulse control. It’s the subconscious and you conscious minds colliding (excuse the pun..lol) in an effort to work through issues. As long as you are not acting to the dangerous impulses it all good. 😉


  4. I around the time of the dread pmt ,have the same sort of feeling /slights and often image very vivid pictures of the worst possible things ,it often leads to a pure panic feeling and takes all my mental energy to block these strange thoughts which often leads to a panic attack ,I have been to my Dr and he had prescribed a form of prozac ….hmm and this was with me jus mentioning Pmt not the above ….havent taken any so far …..


  5. I also have similar ‘out of body’ feelings from time to time, but mine don’t always have a happy ending. It must just be an attack of the mentals 😛


  6. Actually yeah I think it is really positive that in none of those ‘fantasies’ do you get injured! You are super human!


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