My Open Book


A poem or, as friends prefer to say, my lyrical therapy!


Baring my soul,

Showing the real me,

Exposing my inner demons,

For the whole world to see.


Like an open book,

In my own unique style,

The intention is simple,

I want to learn how to smile.


Emotions and feelings,

Fears and frustration,

Depression and Anxiety,

Shared with the blogging nation.


The outgoing Garry,

always talking too fast,

Gregarious and outspoken,

Locked in the past.


Not gone forever,

Still locked away tight,

With each daily victory,

He is winning this fight.


Finding strength from others,

Their battles much more severe,

If they can do it,

I have nothing to fear.


I know I can beat this,

Having depression is not a crime,

With the writing I am doing,

It’s a matter of time.


Embracing the good times,

Focusing on the things I do right,

Like the lighthouses at sea,

It blinds me with the light.


Removing the bad thoughts,

The process of healing,

Pride in my writing,

Is all I should be feeling.


Without this depression,

I would not have the desire,

To help other people like me,

To help set them free.


I feel like I have found my place,

All this time it’s been in front of face,

I had the strength and the skill,

Now I have the will!


So this my book,

It’s informative and smart,

It’s not full of clichés,

It’s written from my heart.


The chapters are filling,

But so much more to see,

Keep turning the pages,

Share this Journey with me!


My written Salvation,

My victory will come,

It may take weeks, months or years,

But I will have my day in the sun.


An open top bus ride,

Through the streets of my town,

The moose beat depression

Garry has reclaimed his crown.


This book is my glory,

Its chapters completed,

When I can finally say the words,




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9 comments on “My Open Book

  1. I am so proud of you !!! I know this is very hard for you to bare your soul for all to see. But from my side of the computer looking in at you . . . you are fighting back as I have never seen you do before, And I agree .. . . You will win this battle !
    Love you bunches my friend


  2. Okay, I will. 🙂 Remember that you are not on this journey alone. While you help others and I know you are don’t neglect yourself! Have you noticed that your lyrical poems are getting better and better?


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