Depression and Me

Its interesting to see how far I have come in a month. Not only in terms of my feelings but my writing as well. This was my first post as a blogger!

For my first attempt I just let the fingers type and did not attempt to distract myself with holding back what was being put on screen. I do like to go back over all my posts, cant believe how many there has been already!, and see how I was feeling on that day and try and find the reasons behind it.

The Depressed Moose

So after a few years of feeling down and not myself I went to my Dr and had a long chat with him about my feelings and thoughts.
It got me thinking about why men in general find talking about these things either with a partner or health care professional. I wish I had done this earlier but there seems to be a stigma about mental health issues and men. Guessing its the old “we are men and don’t need help” issue.

I must admit I had thought about going to my Dr for at least 2 years before I actually went because I had the same “don’t need help” feelings but I got inspiration from, of all places, Stan Collymore on twitter having seen a lot of his posts about depression.  If someone high-profile like an ex professional footballer suffers from this, and not just Stan as Dean Windass…

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