G-A-R-R-Y! not Gary or Gray…

Just for “fun” I wanted to change the theme from depression to things that drive me mad!

It may or may not be a reflection of my current mood….

  • People who spell my name wrong! No its not an easy mistake to make, its a lack of respect and not easily forgivable! I once got a “love letter” addressed to Gray. I didn’t care then that she was only 8 (so was I before you ask) I didn’t read it and I wont read any fan mail (giggles) addressed to Gary or Gray either.
  • The people on the council who will only let me apply for a 4 bedroom property knowing the average waiting time is around 10 years for a 3 bedroom! The kids will have grown up by the time we get a bigger place.
  • People who judge me for …….
  1. Having depression
  2. Being unemployed
  3. Taking anti-depressants
  4. What I eat
  5. How I live my life
  6. Smoking

Judge yourself before you judge me!!

  • Fake friends. Either like me or don’t but please make a decision one way or another because believe me I can tell the difference!
  • Cold Callers. Especially the current trend of people with Indian accents claiming to be called every common English name under the sun. Your name is not Daniel or Tom and I will swear at you repeatedly for claiming you got my number from a survey I conducted in your company’s dreams!  Don’t like my swearing? Don’t f@&@*ng call me when my dinner is on the table!
  • Justin Bieber – seriously what is the point of him and his f~@#ed up fans destroying twitter with their bullshit trends! I see you in the street my antlers are meeting your backside till you’re back on a plane!
  • IBS – please, just for a change, let me eat something without having to out run Usain Bolt to get to the toilet!
  • That old person who is walking in front of you until they hear your footsteps and stand still waiting for you to go past. Whilst glaring at you in a “you wouldn’t dare” way. If I was going to mug you then believe me you would not have heard me coming. Now I am going to stand here till you keep walking and I bet you get bored before I do.
  • Tesco Express stores being so much more expensive than the Tesco supermarkets! “Every Little Helps!” my arse it does, how can you justify the prices being different it is not like you use a different supplier for the goods. Oh it is because it’s a “convenience store” that makes it alright then. You carry on ripping me off!
  • Eastenders! The wife loves it, people up north think that’s how everyone in London talks and to be honest if there was a street anywhere in the world with the murder rate of Albert Square no one would live there! It is not a true reflection of life and it is more depressing than any other show I know.
  • Orange Women – why do they do it? where is it written that men only like women who look more like a purse than a human being.

Photo Credit Google images

If we want to date oompa lumpas we will go and see Willy Wonka.

  • Big Brother – It was good when it started as a “social experiment” before only freaks were allowed in to gain celebrity status for being nobodies.
  • People who have a go at those serving in the armed forces. It is a disgrace how they are treated for defending our country.
  • The TV licence. Why is it that I have to pay for the BBC when they show no sports and constant shit! About time this was abolished!
  • Enough for now I could be here all day and this is not going to improve my current happy mood 🙂

Here is the number 1 entry though for things that drive me mad…


7 comments on “G-A-R-R-Y! not Gary or Gray…

  1. People spell my name wrong all the time. Or call me by my surname… it drives me mad. My name, like yours, isn’t that hard to spell, either!


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