Swimming Against the Tide

Apologies to all poetry is not my thing but I had a request by someone close to me who asked me to do a poem to describe my feelings. Go easy on me please the last poem I wrote was nearly 20 years ago in school with the English teacher “forcing” me to do it. Well she didn’t force me as such but I had to do against my will.

I hope you like it! I have not been this nervous about something I have written before in my life…..

Swimming Against the Tide

My eyes tell the story,

They know my mouth just lied,

The clouds are still dark ones,

I’m swimming against the tide


Waves crashing around me,

My demons dragging me under,

The black clouds bring not just rain,

Now here comes the thunder


I look for a vessel,

To bring me to shore,

That one ray of hope,

Bringing me back off the floor


Those sharks they areย circling,

Getting ready to bite,

They will not get me,

Try as they might


I fight to the surface,

My strength is returning,

Depression wont beat me,

The fire is burning


Thinking I’m worthless,

Feeling like a failure,

That bright sky in the distance,

It’s myย saviour!


I am not a good swimmer,

But I am a fighter,

As I struggle with strokes,

The sky it gets brighter


One day at a time,

My day of destiny soon arrives,

A testament to my resolve.

I have reached the blue skies


Good days or bad days,

The sharks may come back,

The bad news for them,

I’m ready to attack!


Dark emotions or feelings,

having nowhere to hide,

I am coming after you now

I’m swimming WITH the tide






24 comments on “Swimming Against the Tide

  1. I love this!! Keep writing poetry once in a while for us, please. Shows yet another creative side of you we haven’t seen before .


  2. Poetry not your thing??!! Well you can do it pretty damn well! Yes keep writing! That poem conveys a lot of imagery so quickly – def a good’un in my opinion x


  3. excellent Garry! in my opinion, if you dont find photography to be the creative outlet you had hoped, poetry is definitely your thing!! cant get much better than this one right here. few tweaks nd someone could pick this up as a hit song! amazing! ou’re finding your niche and it suits ya Moose! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Days ahead


  4. LOL u know what i mean! that poem is deep and it takes ya on a journey kinda. could be any kind of song ya wanted but its lyrically a good poem mister!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ill get my spellcheck fixed lol


  5. These would make great lyrics! Of course I’m echoing nikki but thought it as I was reading it. Don’t think of it as poetry but as lyrics and do it again. Again, again, please. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. That’s funny that you should say that! I was just friended by my Nick. Have no idea why we didn’t connect sooner, hmmm. Anyway I was checking out his wall and listened to his rap. Yes, he’s also a white rapper! I immediately thought of your poem. Great sick minds think a like. LOL


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