Little Steps Soon Become Big Steps

I am learning so much about depression recently I will soon becoming like a walking Wikipedia page!

I am not just learning through websites and information pages but through people who are in the same boat as me, dealing with the same issues. In a lot of cases with illnesses a lot more serious than my own and what has struck me is the importance of taking steps to deal with depression and other mental health illnesses.

TheElephant Intheroom is an account on Facebook that is run by people from the charity Mind and I am spending more and more time on the wall seeing people posting and commenting about their feelings and fears.

They range from

  • feeling anxious
  • feeling scared of leaving the house
  • feeling suicidal
  • feeling overwhelmed

From my point of view though just writing these things for others to see is a small step in the right direction!

Let me give you an example of 3 little steps I took and how they became 1 big step

  1. Admitting I need help
  2. Making an appointment with my Doctor
  3. Going to the appointment and getting help

Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Here is the problem though for people with depression or any other mental health illness there is no such thing as a small step!

For some people just getting out of bed is a big step.The way we deal with our depression we can’t see that what we have done, although considered “normal” behaviour to most people, is another step in the battle to recovery.

I try to advise people about taking little steps at a time and to be proud of yourself after each one. It is something that is working for me so why not share this little tip with others? It may work for them as well.

Speaking of taking things STEP BY STEP does anyone remember this??



I chose the version with the lyrics because I think they fit in nicely with the post and the message I am trying to convey (albeit badly)

Well, there’s a bridge and there’s a river

That I still must cross

As I’m going on my journey

Oh, I might be lost

And there’s a road I have to follow

A place I have to go

Well, no one told me just how to get there

But when I get there I’ll know ’cause I’m taking it

Step by step, bit by bit

Stone by stone, yeah, brick by brick

Step by step, day by day

Mile by mile

And this old road is rough and ruin

So many dangers along the way

So many burdens might fall upon me

So many troubles that I have to face

Oh, but I won’t let my spirit fail me

Oh, I won’t let my spirit go

Until I get to my destination

I’m gonna take it slow because I’m making in a

Step by step, bit by bit

Stone by stone, yeah, brick by brick

Step by step, day by day

Mile by mile, go your way, go your way

Say baby, don’t give up

You’ve got to hold on to what you’ve got

Oh, baby, don’t give up

You’ve go to keep on moving, don’t stop, yeah, yeah

I know you’re hurting

And I know you’re blue

I know you’re hurting

But don’t let the bad things get to you, I’m taking it

Step by step, bit by bit

Stone by stone, yeah, brick by brick

Step by step, day by day

Mile by mile, go your way, go your way

I’m takin’ it

step by step, bit by bit

Stone by stone, yeah, brick by brick

Step by step, day by day

Mile by mile, go your way, go your way

Bit by bit

Copied from

Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

Now I know what you are all thinking at this point! “Why didn’t he post the New Kids on The Block version of  “Step by Step”?

simply answer is as follows – IM DEPRESSED NOT INSANE!

You will notice a theme with me and music but I find solace in it and certain lyrics. Please don’t judge me and my “eclectic” taste in music.


Back to the point if you know someone battling with depressions make a point of praising every step they take as it may be insignificant to you but to them it can make or break their day!

Of course the downside is taking big steps too soon, like a child trying to run before it can walk. It is important to keep aiming small until you are ready to go big!

Setting smaller, more achievable targets, will make reaching those goals easier and more rewarding especially whilst in the fog of negativity when we feel like we can’t do anything! As I said this is working for me…

Today though I have gone for a big step and signed up for a training day provided by Mind. It is “peer support training” and the aim is to make me better understand and help people or to quote from the information provided

You will learn how to communicate more effectively online, manage boundaries and feel safe in creating supportive conversations around your experiences and mental health problems. 

Topics covered

  • What makes peer support ‘peer’? – how it differs from other types of support
  • Talking and listening – how to open up and build your active listening skills
  • Communicating online – the differences between on and offline channels, and how to mange the benefits and challenges
  • Self care – staying safe, setting boundaries and being aware of our own feelings
  • Understanding our own mental health and that of others

Now I am more than aware this could be too big a step for me, especially as it is in Central London and I don’t like being too far away from my flat so I will be using my “little steps” method to get me through

  1. Reserve my place (done)
  2. wake up early enough to attend
  3. get there on time
  4. stay all day
  5. learn something!

should be a breeze really!

Another thing is that little steps you take can be a big step for someone else. I received my first blogging award today from a fellow blogger named weegee – that little step from her is a massive step for me as it shows I am getting somewhere with this blogging business! Check out her blog she is more mental than I am!

So there you have it my little attempt to guide you and share something that is working for me. As a reward for reading this all the way through I will present you with this

15 comments on “Little Steps Soon Become Big Steps

  1. Thank you for the reminder. A lot of the time deep down I can appreciate the little steps in other people but when it comes to applying them to myself it all falls down. I’m grateful for this post. It feels like you have almost given me permission to recognise and celebrate those little steps. Congrats on your award. You def have a lot to give to this community. I’m glad to have bumped into you Garry 🙂


  2. I’m so glad you ended this with NKOTB. If you hadn’t, I’d have had to look it up for myself.

    Keep going with the small steps. Lots of small comes together to make big 😀


  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! You’ve been hanging out your shingle for the longest time. Now it’s time for you to make it official.
    If you need a helping hand or a kick in the keister to get outside your comfort zone please, please let all of us know. We have your back. ♥


  4. Um….it’s a small sign hung outside your residence naming your profession. When my BFF calls for some consulting she playfully will ask if my shingle is out. Much the same for you excepting that you do it online. 🙂 Clear as mud, right? lol


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