My Stalker…Caught on Film at Last

Did I ever tell you about my stalker? My first stalker! It’s a proud day for me, my fame is spreading….


It follows me everywhere I go and is usually well hidden but I know it is there. It plays a little game of hide and seek with me but I can only see it out of the corner of my eye. When I turn around it has gone again.

But not today my friend, today I caught you out! Today was the day I saw you and captured you on film for the world to see you for what you are!


My Stalker


Does anyone else out there have a stalker like this? Some days I barely notice it but I know it is there.

And yet, the days I am expecting to see you and I am prepared your not there. The days when the thick coat is on and the umbrella is waiting with anticipation your nowhere to be seen!

Why stalker of mine? WHY?

Am I an easy prey? Or do you know me so well you wait till I am at my most vulnerable before you appear?

I bet everyone with depression has a stalker like this! Always there waiting for you to leave the comfort and protection of the home. If you see me out and about with my stalker say hello to me! Ignore the stalker he wants people to look at me differently.

One day stalker you are going to lose me, I will be too far over the hill for you to catch up with. I will stop turning around when I hear your footsteps. I will accept the sound of the rain on my window for what it is rather than a sign of you trying to get my attention.

When I am strong enough stalker the tables are going to turn and it will be me chasing you! And when I catch you there will be hell to pay.


Until that day however please continue to follow me everywhere but KNOW THIS…

Your days are numbered!!!


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