I Want To Help You…You Are Not Alone….

Today I have woken up inspired, excited and the most content I have felt for a while!

I think I know what I want to do with myself for the time being and that’s help people with their depression. It’s kind of what I am doing with this blog anyways, well in my humble opinion at least!

So what can I, or anyone else, do to help someone with depression well its quite easy really and that’s simply to LISTEN! People want to talk to about their problems but sometimes don’t have anyone to be a sounding board, someone they feel would understand without judgement.

I was given this link to a facebook account run by MIND a charity that help people with Mental Health issues and yes depression is a mental health condition not something made up by people who feel “down”, there is a difference!

http://www.facebook.com/mindelephant is the account and what I like about it so far is that when people post on the wall about their bad day(s) lots of people comment and rally round them. If your on Facebook worth sending a friend request to the elephant!

So can I realistically help someone? I would like to think so as I am a very good listener in fact if I listened to half the advice I had given people over the years I probably wouldn’t be in this mess now LOL

My point is to people who feel alone your not you can talk to me. Send me a message and vent! Nothing helps more than a good vent.

Until later


3 comments on “I Want To Help You…You Are Not Alone….

  1. Garry, you’ve been helping friends for long time! Last year you and I had a conversation about my own depression. Had just seen my doctor and started my first round of medication. Do you remember how you helped me (unsolicited too!)? Every day for about a month you posted pictures and videos of Lilybet. Every day I signed onto Facebook so I could start my day smiling and laughing. Every day I thanked the powers that be for your help!

    I believe that helping others is just one of your natural abilities. Take the path and see where it leads you. You know you have me and many other friends cheering you on.


  2. Dear Garry,

    Not to put a downer on your ideas, but just be careful that listening to how bad other people feel doesn’t start to drag you further down without you being aware of what’s happening. I don’t know you, you sound like a kind, caring person and that’s great – but take care of yourself FIRST while you’re still depressed.

    Love Dotty xxx


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