Life is Great…A Damn Good Day!

I feel good today really really good!

Sheryl is smiling and happy which makes me really happy, the kids are happy and most of all I have a good day! We spent it shopping in Oxford Street and there is a lot to be said for retail therapy!

I am starting to sense my online nearest and dearest are rallying around me and to be honest I freaking love it and them for it! I can feel their love coming across the Atlantic and wrapping its arms around me telling me its going to be ok!

The need for approval for my blogs will never go it is spurring me on in a positive way and this week, besides the few evenings of feeling down, has been my best for around 2 years at least.

The writing I have done has greatly improved my sense of worth, we all love hearing praise after all! But when you have built yourself up as a failure then its all the more appreciated. Sheryl loves reading my blogs which helps!


Tomorrow (30th June) is the first anniversary of my uncle Rons death and as if by magic today I no longer feel anger and guilt about his passing. I miss him terribly and every day in the year gone I have reflected on his death but today I woke up reflecting on his life and what a wonderful person he was. The most generous man I knew he always had a packet of sweets, a few quid or some cakes to share with us and as a result of uncle Ron nearly all the Williams kids have a sweet tooth LOL


I know he is up there watching me and inspiring me and his memory lives on in me everyday I battle depression but every time I feel good I take it as a sign from him that I am on the way to recovery sooner rather than later!

God Bless you Uncle Ron


Tomorrow is a new day but I have a new strength today brought about by seeing my family happy and my friends being there for me! As always you know who you are and I am always a message away from helping you all!

Today is a short and sweet blog because | wanted you to know how good I feel! And when you have the good days you sure as hell dont spend them online! you spend them annoying the wife and kids 🙂 


Weekend time folks if you are out on the town raise a glass to my uncle Ron I intend to eat lots of mints in his memory tomorrow!

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